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The concept is simple. You offer a price that you would be willing to pay for a service and you receive responses from businesses who accept your proposal.

Say what you need.

With a few clicks, fill out a form to describe the product or service you are looking for, and submit the price you want to pay.

Receive responses.

Your request will be sent to the relevant suppliers. Then, when a service provider is interested in providing you with the product or service on the terms you set, you will receive a notification with their contact details.

Make your choice!

Choose the service provider that suits you best and contact them to finalize the sale. You benefit by saving time and money!

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Take advantage of these
great features when you join.
How does it work for customers

Wouldpay is always free for customers!

Negotiate anonymously

Select the best rated service providers

Save the time to browse websites

Save money

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Take advantage of these
great features when you join.

Easily get new customers. Free trial period! No commission.
How does it work for service providers

Save money on advertising costs

Access customers you wouldn't have reached otherwise. These are real opportunities!

Preserve your brand image by avoiding advertising your discounts

Liquidate your surpluses or fill your slack periods


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