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No. WouldPay does not establish minimum prices, but remember you often get what you pay for. Quote a fair price and you will have the best-rated service providers making offers according to your terms.

WouldPay allows customers to rate the service providers, so you can see others' experiences. When possible WouldPay also incorporates feedback on the service providers from other platforms so you have a more complete picture.

No, you don't have to, but the more often you proceed with a transaction the higher your rating on the site, and the more service providers will want to do business with you.

WouldPay allows you to access many service providers at one time, and many people find it easier when they can state their price anonymously.

You will need to confirm the way to pay with the potential service provider. WouldPay is not a party to any transaction between the customers and service providers.

No. WouldPay is free for customers to use; service providers subscribe to WouldPay to make it easier to find new customers.

No. Sometimes they are willing to pay more than the going rate. For example, some customers are willing to pay a premium to have their tires changed the day of a large snowstorm.

No problem! Just click'going rate' and the service providers will give you a quote!